Watch “Change Your Life in 19 Minutes with Earl Nightingale” on YouTube

This is a great video by Earl Nightingale.  It’s definitely worth watching it in its entirety, but a few nuggets of information are listed below:

  • Success is available to everyone.
  • When it comes to long term financial success, you need to ask two questions:
    • What are you doing at the present time to increase your income?
    • How much money will you be worth at age 65?
    • (People who don’t make money don’t think about either question)
  • In this race, we can all be winners, but 90% are not in the race
  • People who have money aren’t any luckier or smarter than the average person. The only difference is that they decided to earn more and made it their business to learn how.
  • If you make excuses, you are not being honest with yourself that you didn’t try.
  • We are all self-made and knowledge is available to everyone.
  • The biggest takeaway is the following formula for success:
    • Our Rewards in life are in proportion to our contribution and our service.  In other words, the money you are paid by your company is in relation to the need for what you do, your ability to do the job, and the degree of difficulty in replacing you.
    • The 2 rules for using the formula are as follows:
      • Goldmine:  The key to success is in the mind.  One idea can make you rich or move you up in the work you do, and the innovations of the future are someones brainchild.
        • How many good ideas have you come up with?  Everyday we walk by opportunities, as we mostly play follow the follower which guarantees mediocrity. Are you a contributor or a beneficiary?
        • Think! – Get up earlier everyday.  One extra hour a day gives you 6 extra 40 hour weeks in a year.
        • In the morning, write down financial goals –
          • How much do you want to make? How can you increase your contribution?  Think of ways of improving what is done now.
          • Every morning, write down 5 ideas.  This will lead to 1600 ideas a year.  Some won’t be great, but some will be excellent.  It’s never too late. Henry Ford didn’t start making cars until he was 45.  Focus and have disciplined thinking.  Specialize.
      • Attitude – The most important word in the language.  Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.  “We become what we think about”.  Your total environment is a reflection of you as a person.  Your house, the neighborhood you live in, the clothes you wear, car you drive, the job you do, and people you associate with are a reflection of you.
        • Improve your attitude – Act as the person you want to become.

What do you think?  An old video, but timeless advice.


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